Caning & Rushing - Pensacola, FL

Let us "weave" the magic back into your antique caned and rushed furniture! "Caning" is the craft of either reweaving strand cane one by one to replace damaged seats or backrest. "Rushing" is the craft of weaving rush cord to a chair seat.

Caned Furniture Repair Pensacola, FL

Caned Furniture can deteriorate or break over time. Time And Time Again can repair even the most complex caned furniture inhouse in Pensacola, Florida. Our local experts will be able to provide you a custom repair quote for any of your antique furniture.

Antique Chair Repair, Pensacola, FL

Our trained professionals can replicate any patterns that have dissappeared over time. Let us restore your antique chairs. No matter the material, we can make your old furniture look new again.

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